How is it calculated?

The Acceptance Rate reflects a calculation of the number of personal transfer requests you received and accepted versus the number of personal transfer requests you rejected during the last 60 days.

  • Maximum = 5.00. The weight in the overall score = 15%

  • It is calculated as per the following formula: (1 - (rejects / requests)) * 5.0

For example:

If I have received 10 personal transfer requests over the last 60 days and I have rejected 1 of them, the calculation would be as follows:

(1 - (1/ 10)) * 5.0 = 4.5 (so your acceptance rate metric would be 4.5 out of 5)

Acceptance Rate Metric = 4.5 * 15% * 20 = 13.5


This metric only takes the personal transfer requests into account and not the broadcasts or public transfers (please take a look here for an overview of the different types of transfer requests)

How can you improve it?

  • Make sure that your weekly schedule reflects your actual working schedule so we don't send rides that you cannot accept.


What do I do in case my Acceptance rate drops drastically?

  • Snooze your notifications when you are sleeping in order to avoid missing personal transfer requests received during your off-time. You can find more info about the snooze function here

  • Do the troubleshooting steps explained here in order to rule out that you missed a personal request due to technical issues

My Acceptance rate has dropped to 0. Why did this happen?

In periods of low transfer volume, it is possible that your Acceptance rate drops to 0. This can happen when you didn't receive any personal transfer requests over the past 60 days. Please note that, as soon as you accept 1 personal transfer request again, the acceptance rate will increase.

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