Contacting the Traveler

You should try to reach the customer and verify their updated arrival time/date. You should then inform them that you will update the transfer booking with the new time/date and that they need to accept the changes. You can do so by following the instructions found here .

Cancelled Transfer

If the travellers confirmed that their flight is cancelled and they are not coming, do not to go to the pickup location. Instead ask of the travelers to look for their booking confirmation email and follow the instructions found there to cancel their booking.

Alternatively you can send them a link to this article.

Traveler Cancellation Request Policy

A reminder of the policy in cases where the traveler cancels a transfer:

If a Transfer is assigned to a Driver and is Cancelled via a Traveler request 2 hours or less prior to the operation time, the Driver is Compensated 100%. An exception to this is when a transfer gets canceled under the 2 hours mark due to unresolved auto-check errors in which case the driver won't get compensated (See the following article: Transfers with Autocheck Errors).

In any other case, the Driver shall not receive any compensation.

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