Upon accepting the ride, you should first of all check if there are no errors in the transfer info (pickup time, pickup address, flight number e.g). If there is an error, make sure to reach out to the customer via the Driver/traveler chat in order to clarify and correct this error. For more info about this process, please check the following article:

Transfers with Autocheck Errors.

If your pickup is from an airport/port/train/bus station, offer your Travelers 1 Welcome bag and 1 map (in the Destinations where these are offered by Welcome) once you reach your vehicle. You should offer one bag and map per pickup, regardless of the number of Travelers. And no matter what type of pickup you have, you should always offer each Traveler a cool bottle of water!

If the Travelers have ordered additional items such as sim cards, wifi hotspot, etc., make sure that you give these to them before the ride starts.

During the ride, have your seatbelt on, drive safely, and never talk on your phone or text while driving, as this makes the Travelers particularly worrisome about their safety.

Engage in polite and friendly conversation with your Travelers by talking to them about your city, landmarks they can visit, or interesting events they can attend while in town. Based on their trip profile, you can even personalise this conversation further; for example, if they are travelling with kids you could suggest kid-friendly venues or activities, if it’s a romantic getaway you could give them hints on particular restaurants or a part of the town it would be nice for them to take a stroll in, and so on. 

If your Travelers are leaving your city, you can ask them how their stay was, if they enjoyed their trip and if they did something special while visiting.

It is always important to read the nonverbal cues from your Travellers, so if they are very tired or don’t want to engage in conversation, give them their space to relax and enjoy their ride.

Remember to ask the Travelers about  their return transfer. If they haven’t booked one, offer to book one for them via the Welcomer App, and you can also suggest a Welcome Sightseeing Ride that they might enjoy!

At the end of the ride, always remember to print the transfer receipt for your Travelers for the monetary amount listed on your App once you press “Welcome Finished”, and offer that receipt to them for the services provided.

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