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How to use the Driver / Traveler Chat feature on the Welcomer App

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How to use the chat feature

Please take two minutes to watch the following video describing the process of creating a chat thread with a traveler:

Accessing the chat feature and initiating a chat thread

Step 1. Go to “Schedule”

Step 2. Select the transfer, and in the transfer tap the button with the chat bubble.

Step 3. Here you can initiate a chat thread with the traveler. You can send a text message, attach a photo , or launch the camera app and share a photo with the traveler.

Step 4. You will receive notifications when the traveler responds or sends a text message (keep in mind that the traveler can also initiate a chat)

Step 6. The chat thread will become “archived” if:

  1. The driver is no longer assigned to this transfer

  2. The transfer is cancelled

  3. The transfer is marked as finished

You will still be able to see the thread , but neither you or the traveler will be able to send a message.

How to use the chat

The chat feature should only be used in the following cases:

  • To respond to a Traveler who has contacted the driver through the chat

  • To contact a Traveler for the purpose of operating a transfer e.g. to let him know you are at the meeting point or on your way

  • To contact a Traveler for booking another Welcome transfer like a return transfer or a Sightseeing Ride.

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