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Transfers with auto-check errors (Dispatcher companies)
Transfers with auto-check errors (Dispatcher companies)

Why some transfers appear with associated errors and what the dispatcher user needs to do to resolve them

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1. What is a transfer with errors?

A transfer with an auto-check error is clearly marked into the dispatcher platform with a red message box saying "Errors found". By clicking on "View more", you can see the details of the errors:

The errors that need to be corrected will pop up underneath:

2. What is an auto-check error?

An auto-check error is an error in the details of a transfer that is automatically detected by our system. There is a large number of errors that can be associated with a transfer. Some of them are resolved by the travelers themselves and some need to be resolved by the dispatcher user.

This means that you will occasionally receive a transfer request in the dispatcher platform that has some sort of error associated with it.

If the errors of a transfer remain unresolved, the transfer will be automatically canceled 2 hours before the pickup time. In that case, the dispatcher company will not be compensated for the canceled transfer.

Note: For some of these errors, the traveler will also receive a notification asking them to fix the error. This means that you may experience errors being resolved before you have had a chance to act on them.

3. What type of important errors need to be resolved by the dispatcher company user?

  • Flight Number/ferry name - Error/Missing

These are the most common errors you will encounter. The flight number is either incorrect according to our flight tracker, or the flight/ferry/bus/train number is missing.

  • Incorrect Pickup Time

If the pickup time is more than 3 hours after the flight arrival time, or more than half an hour before the flight arrival time, our system will flag this as a possible wrong pickup time.

  • Possible Wrong Airport

In destinations with multiple airports, we detect that the flight is arriving at airport A but the traveler has asked to be picked up from airport B.

  • The exact Pickup Address is missing

This refers mainly to cases where the pickup address is incorrect. It usually is just a missing house number.

4. How can the dispatcher user resolve the errors?

Step 1: When receiving the transfer request in the dispatcher platform, you will see that it contains errors:

Step 2: If you consider that these errors will not affect the correct operation of the transfer, you can click on "Details are correct":

Note: This will resolve the error immediately so this should only be used if you are 100% sure that the error is invalid.

Step 3: If you consider this error to be valid, click on "Message Traveler" in order to ask them to provide the correct details:

This will open up a Whatsapp conversation with the provided phone number of this traveler upon booking.

The message you would need to write is the following:

"Hello, I’m a Welcome Pickups representative. You have booked a ride with us on {DATE AND TIME} from {ADDRESS} and I’m reaching out to verify the following info with you: {DESCRIBE THE ERROR OR MISSING INFO}.

Please provide or confirm the above info to us by replying here so we can confirm your transfer and assign a driver. Thanks in advance for your reply".

Note: In case the traveler doesn't have Whatsapp, we would recommend giving them a call to verify the correct details.

Step 4: As soon as the traveler has provided/confirmed the correct transfer details, you will click on "edit details" in the dispatcher platform transfer request:

Step 5: Update the transfer details according to the new details the traveler provided:

Step 6: Check the "I confirm that I need to change the details of this transfer" button and click on "Save Changes":

Step 7: Click on "Ok, got it" and get back to the traveler via Whatsapp to advise them to check their email. The traveler should have received an email where they can confirm the changes you performed for them:

Example of the email the traveler will receive:

Step 8: In the dispatch platform, you will see the "pending changes" you performed:

When the traveler has accepted these changes, the transfer will look like a normal confirmed transfer and you will be able to assign a driver:

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