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Step by step guide on how to use the driver app when operating a transfer

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When the driver operates a transfer, there are different steps he needs to follow in the driver app.

It is very important for Welcome to have 100% correct driver app usage in order to be able to prove to the customer that you were at the correct location at the correct time and waited the full complimentary waiting time.

These are the steps you need to follow:

  1. First of all, please make sure that the GPS option is switched on on your phone and the GPS settings are set up correctly. The following helpdesk article explains how to do this: GPS function in the driver app

  2. When it’s close to the pickup time of the transfer, go into the "Welcome tab" of the driver app and slide the button "I'll be there":

  3. When you arrived at the pickup location at the pickup time, you can slide the button "I'm at pickup location":

  4. When you met the traveler, slide the button "I met the traveler":

    NOTE: In case you can't find the traveler, please follow the Traveler no-show process as explained here

  5. When you have arrived at the drop-off location, you can slide the button "Complete Ride":

  6. When you have issued an invoice for the customer and the customer left your vehicle, close the ride so it is added to your pending payments:

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