You can tag a transfer as a potential Traveler No Show (TNS) after:

  • Waiting 5 minutes for hotel pickups and others.

  • Waiting 15 minutes for train stations and port pickups.

  • Waiting 45 minutes for airport pickups

and after you have tried reaching the customer through phone call/chat/text, but he/she does not answer.

In order to tag a potential TNS use the slider "I can't find traveler". This will initiate the TNS process and trigger a countdown of 15 minutes to the end of the complimentary waiting time. During this time you need to keep attempting to contact the traveler.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you check the Complimentary Waiting Time Policy for the cases when the airplane/ferry/train arrives earlier or later than the initially stated time.

If you meet the traveler before the end of the complimentary waiting time

You will now need to slide the bar “I met the traveller”. We will be informed and any Traveller No-Show process will be stopped.

This will also allow you to continue using the App until you complete the transfer.

If you cannot find the traveler at the end of the complimentary waiting time

Step 1. At the end of the complimentary waiting time, you will have to slide the bar “Traveler not showing up” and follow the instructions on the screen.

Step 2. You will be asked to confirm that necessary steps were taken to find the traveler. Then you can press "Terminate Ride".

Step 3. You are now able to close the Ride. Once you do so, you can leave the pickup location and you will be paid for the transfer. The transfer has been tagged as Traveller No-Show and will be reviewed by the Support team.

The Traveler No Show policy of the handbook can be found here.

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