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Travelers Asked for a Change in their Booking
Travelers Asked for a Change in their Booking

How to modify the transfer details when a traveler asks you to do so

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Changing the details of a Transfer

This process is to be followed only when a traveler contacts you directly and asks for a change in his booking. The steps to follow are:

  1. Traveler requests a change directly to you through Whatsapp or a direct call

  2. You login to your app and make the requested change in their booking. At that point you can keep the specific booking, or pass it to another driver (see below)

  3. Inform the traveler that you have made the change and they should accept it through a notification (email or sms) they have received

  4. The system notifies the traveler to acknowledge the specific change and also notifies him for any price difference (refund or pay extra)

  5. You get informed that the traveler has approved the change

How to modify a Transfer booking through the app

In order to modify a booking after you have received explicit request from the traveler, you need to follow the steps below:

Step 1. In the transfer select the pen icon on the top right corner

Step 2. In the next screen you can edit all the details of the booking

Step 3. Confirm that you need to change the details of the transfer and select “Save Changes”

Step 4. On the next screen you are asked to select whether you can operate the updated transfer or not. If you cannot operate it because it clashes with another transfer of your schedule you can select to remove it without this action affecting your metrics.

Step 5. After the changes have been saved, an email is sent to the traveler to confirm.

Step 6. The transfer will now show a status bar “Pending Changes” until the changes have been approved by the traveler.

Please note that the transfer will not be showing the modified details, and these will not take effect until the traveler has approved them. The transfer will remain with a status as “Pending Changes” until then.

It is a good idea to contact the traveler again (you can use the app chat) and ask him to approve the changes closer to the operation date.

Please allow take two minutes to watch the video below explaining the whole process:

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