If you make an extra booking by mistake, you should reach out to our customer support through the chat bubble.

You will need to click on the chat bubble at the bottom right and a pop up window will appear.

Afterward, you will click on the "I need help with a transfer" option in the "Are you a traveler?" section:

We will need the following information so that we may find the booking in question:

1. The order numbers (ie. W-1001002-2)

2. Let us know which order number is the "incorrect" one
3. The email with which you made the booking

Once we have the above information our customer support representative will provide you with the available options and solutions based on your specific case

If you however wish to cancel and claim a Flex Coupon you can read the bellow article for a step by step guide on how to cancel a transfer:

How can I cancel my Welcome transfer?

You can also review our refund policy here and read the following related article:

When am I entitled to a payment refund?

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