When you book your transfer with Welcome we immediately make sure that we have all the information that is required to successfully operate your requested transfer.

This includes checking that the light number is correct, that the arrival times matches your designated pickup time, even the destination of the flight and pickup address is cross checked by us so that we may ensure the smoothest and safest ride for you.

In case our systems notices that some provided information is incorrect, we will always reach out to you via automated email asking to confirm the provided details.

The details that we will check are:

1. If you provided us with a correct phone number

2. If you provided us with a valid email

3. If you erroneously booked a duplicate transfer

4. If you have provided us with a correct pickup address

5. If the arrival airport matches the flights landing airport

6. If the provided flight number is correct

7. If the pickup time is close to your flights landing time

An email will be sent to the provided email address asking for you to clarify any possible inconsistencies.

Please make sure to update your booking with the correct information.

You can check our article on how to do this here:

How can I correct the errors in my booking?

Finally please note that if we are missing an important piece of information that is required to operate your transfer, we may cancel your booking and offer you alternatives on the compensation that you may receive.

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