Baggage Allowance Policy

How do we define a piece of luggage, steps to follow when a traveller shows up with more pieces of luggages than booked

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When booking their Transfer, the Traveler is requested to declare the number of pieces of luggage they will be carrying with them during their Welcome Transfer. 

One piece of luggage is considered to be 

  • A medium to large sized backpack

  • An average suitcase, whether it’s a carry-on or checked-in type (volume not to exceed 100lt)

If the Traveler is to be carrying additional items such as baby carriages, pet carriers, sports equipment, foldable wheelchairs, musical instruments, etc. they must declare one piece of luggage for each one of those items and add a note to their booking describing them. It might be necessary for the driver to contact the Traveller for clarifications and adjust the booking details accordingly in order to ensure the proper car-type is assigned to operate the transfer. More info on this can be found here.

The transfer price and the car-type assigned to operate the booked transfer are calculated amongst other factors based on the number of passengers and pieces of luggage declared. 

If the Traveler appears with more passengers and/or carrying more pieces of luggage than declared, and the assigned Driver cannot safely and legally accommodate these the Driver must assist the Traveler in hailing another taxi from a taxi rank. In that occasion, the Driver will only carry the number of passengers and pieces of luggage declared in the transfer booking.

Welcome will not bear the cost of any other means of transportation used by a Traveler.

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