Transfer Reassignment Guidelines

Clarifications under which circumstances the “Remove & Suggest” feature should be used

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Directions for Reassignments

  • A driver is allowed to reassign a transfer only if and when it is absolutely urgent and necessary, i.e.:

  1. When the (potentially reassigned) transfer conflicts with another Welcome transfer

  2. When unforeseen events happen, i.e. when the transfer goes outside of the driver’s schedule (e.g. due to a delay or unexpected heavy traffic), a potential car issue, a potential accident e.t.c.

  • A driver is allowed to do a certain number of reassignments to another driver per day without penalty. In case the driver reached the maximum number of reassignments to another driver that day, he can remove it. The rules in regards to the penalization he will receive for this can be found here

  • All reassignments, prior to execution, shall be first posted in the official WhatsApp group

  • The Welcome group should be used for reassigning Welcome transfers only and not personal transfers

  • The exchange of transfers is prohibited. The purpose of the “Remove & Suggest” feature is to “save” transfers, particularly when last-minute changes occur.

Welcome Team will occasionally investigate reassignments. Failure to comply with the aforementioned guidelines may affect your cooperation with Welcome.

The Remove & Suggest process is described in detail here.

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