Directions for Reassignments

  • A driver is allowed to reassign a transfer only if and when it is absolutely urgent and necessary, i.e.:

  1. When the (potentially reassigned) transfer conflicts with another Welcome transfer

  2. When unforeseen events happen, i.e. when the transfer goes outside of the driver’s schedule (e.g. due to a delay or unexpected heavy traffic), a potential car issue, a potential accident e.t.c.

  • All reassignments, prior to execution, shall be first posted in the official WhatsApp group

  • The Welcome group should be used for reassigning Welcome transfers only and not personal transfers

  • The exchange of transfers is prohibited. The purpose of the “Remove & Suggest” feature is to “save” transfers, particularly when last-minute changes occur.

Welcome Team will occasionally investigate reassignments. Failure to comply with the aforementioned guidelines may affect your cooperation with Welcome.

The Remove & Suggest process is described in detail here.

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