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Traveler Cancellation Request Policy

When is the driver paid in case of traveller's cancelation

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The Traveler has the right to cancel their Transfer booking at any time by contacting Welcome or performing the cancellation themselves.

If the traveler cancels a transfer 6 hours or less before the pickup time, the driver will be compensated with the following amounts:

  • 30% of the driver’s cut if the traveler canceled 4-6 hours before pickup time

  • 50% of the driver’s cut if the traveler canceled 2-4 hours before pickup time

  • 100% of the driver’s cut if the traveler canceled within 2 hours before pickup time, as per clause 3.2 “Traveller No-Show Policy”

This monetary compensation will be added to the driver’s next weekly payment, which will be reflected in the “Payments” section of the Driver app.

An exception to this is when a transfer gets canceled under the 2 hours mark due to unresolved auto-check errors in which case the driver won't get compensated (See the following article: Transfers with Autocheck Errors).

In any other case, the Driver shall not receive any compensation.

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