Flag Re-evaluation Policy

This policy explains how a driver can dispute a penalization flag that was issued after a customer complaint case

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1. For what kind of incidents does Welcome issue a penalization flag?

Welcome can issue a penalization flag for incidents where the driver didn't follow the correct process or didn't perform the service according to the quality standards Welcome has set up.

A full overview of the reasons why an individual driver can receive a penalization flag is explained here.

A full overview of the reasons why a dispatcher company or driver can receive a penalization flag is explained here.

2. How will the driver be informed about a new penalization flag?

When Welcome has issued a flag for a certain incident, the driver will receive a notification in the driver app.

He will also be able to see a full overview of all the different flags he has received in the following way:

Step 1: Tap on the "Account" tab:

Step 2: Tap on the arrow next to "Flags":

Step 3: Analyze the overview of the flags you received:

3. How can a driver dispute a flag in case he/she doesn't agree with it?

A driver can dispute a flag by sending a message through the driver app to the Support team. How the driver can send a message is explained here.

This message should contain:

  • A thorough explanation of the reason why the driver thinks the flag is not justified.

  • Proof that supports the argument of the driver as to why the flag is not justified.

Based on the above message, the Support team will do a re-evaluation of the flag and will inform the driver accordingly about the results of this re-evaluation.


  1. The driver has 7 days after the issuing of the flag to dispute it. After the 7 days period passes, this will no longer be possible.

  2. After the re-evaluation of the flag has been completed and the results have been shared with the driver, it is not possible to further dispute the flag as the decision is final.

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