In this article, we explain under what circumstances and how you should contact our Support team

A: For non-urgent matters, you should chat with us via the Welcomers app

Step 1. Tap on the Messages tab

Step 2. Tap on "Help"

Step 3. Choose the option Contact us for Driver Matters (Send Message):

Step 4. Select the reason you are reaching out for and tap on "Send us a message"

Step 5. Tap on "Send us a message"

B. Call our Support Team ONLY for emergency cases

Welcome has released a number of features (Traveler No-Show Process, Modify a transfer after a traveler request), and updated processes (Driver Lateness, Luggage Car Capacity) in order to eliminate completely the need for drivers to call our support line.

Calling our support line is only needed in case of a true emergency (ex. serious road accident), or in case there is a serious complaint from the traveler that needs to be handled immediately. Calling for unnecessary reasons may result in driver penalization.

For 99% of the cases, drivers should first try to resolve issues by visiting our help center, and if they cannot find a proper answer, to reach out to us through the In-App chat feature.

If despite the above you need to place a call, please follow the steps below:

Step 1. Verify whether the current time is within the opening hours of our Customer Support team (See article: Opening hours Customer Live Support team )

Step 2. Go to the Support tab of the Welcomer app

Step 3. Tap on "Help"

Step 4. Choose the option "Contact us for Customer Matters" (Call)

Step 5. Select a reason for contacting the Support. Keep in mind that first and second reasons mentioned in this step (Driver Lateness and Traveler No Show) are covered from new features and processes mentioned above, and should not result to a call.

Step 6. Tap "Call Live Support"

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