Non-welcomer process

How the Non-welcomer process works and when to use it

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1. What is the Non-welcomer process?

In case you aren't able to operate a transfer due to a last-minute force majeure situation, you should look for another Welcome driver to take over the transfer via the Whatsapp group and reassign the transfer.

In case you aren't able to find another Welcome driver who is available to operate it, you can exceptionally send a driver outside of Welcome (Non-welcome driver).

2. When can this process be used?

This process should only be used in the following emergency cases after checking that no other Welcome driver can assist:

  • When you are experiencing technical car issues

  • When the flight of the transfer is delayed and it overlaps with one of your Welcome (and not personal) transfers

  • When the Support team has asked for your help in finding a non-welcome driver

  • Due to a last-minute health emergency of the driver himself or a member of his close family

3. Who should I inform when I am sending a Non-welcome driver for the above reasons?

  • You should inform Welcome by sending a message to the Support team via the driver app

  • You should inform the customer by giving them a call and sending them a message via the driver app and/or Whatsapp


  • When you are sending a non-welcome driver for another reason other than the described above, you will be penalized with a Red flag.

  • When you are sending a non-welcome driver without informing Welcome and/or the customer via the above described channels, you will be penalized with a Red flag

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