1. How can I become a Hero Welcomer?

In order to become a Hero Welcomer, you would need to get in contact with the Driver Support team by sending a message through the driver app. Based on your past performance, Driver Support will be able to determine whether you are a good candidate.

2. Inviting a Guest Welcomer in order to assign the transfer to him:

When a transfer has been broadcasted for 10 minutes to all available Welcome drivers and no Welcome driver has accepted it, the Hero driver will have the option to assign the transfer to a guest driver.

This can be done in the following way:

A. Tap on "Assign to Guest" button:

B. After pressing this button, the Hero driver will have the option to either assign the transfer to a Guest driver he has “used” in the past OR add a new guest driver to the platform and assign this transfer immediately to him:

C. In order to assign to a Guest Welcomer that is already in the system, just tap on the Guest Welcomer you would like to operate this transfer.

D. If the Guest Welcomer is not in the system yet, tap on "Add a new guest driver"

E. Fill out the following details of the Guest driver and tap on "Submit":

NOTE: These details will be sent out to the customer upon assignment so please make sure they are fully accurate.

F. Assign the transfer to the Guest Welcomer you just added or to an existing one and the following screen will appear:


  • The Hero driver will get paid for the transfer the Guest driver has operated so he will have to arrange the payment personally with the Guest driver on a regular basis.

3. How can I keep an overview of the transfers I assigned to a Guest Welcomer?

Upon assigning transfers to a Guest Welcomer, the hero driver will be able to see these transfers in his schedule so he can keep a good overview:

  • In the "Schedule" tab of the driver app, the transfers that are to be operated by a Guest Welcomer will be indicated with a green notification. It will look like this:

4. How can I pass on the details of the transfer and the customer to the Guest Welcomer in a quick and easy way?

The Guest driver won't be able to see the details of the transfer and contact details of the customer (as he won't have driver app access) so the Hero driver will have to pass on the details of the transfer and customer to the Guest driver.

In order to facilitate this, the Hero driver will have an option to "Copy the transfer details" when he opens the transfer in his "Schedule" tab:

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