A. Inviting Guest Welcomers

  1. A new icon has appeared at the top right hand corner of your Inbox tab. Tap it to add your guest drivers.

  1. Fill in the telephone number of the Guest Welcomers

Once you tap on “Send Invitation” you get a confirmation message.

B. What the Guest Welcomer must do

We have created an article in the Help Center with all the information for Guest Welcomers, what they need to do after they have been invited, how to accept and operate transfers etc. You can send your Guest Welcomers the article’s link found below:


C. Assigning a transfer to a Guest Welcomer

Only transfers that have been broadcasted to all drivers can be assigned to Guest Welcomers.

  1. When receiving a Broadcast , for the first ten minutes, there will be no way to assign to Guest. This is because we allow some time for Welcomers to accept the transfer.

  1. Then, when ten minutes have passed you will be given the option to assign to Guest Welcomers

  1. Tap on “Assign Guest” and select the Guest Welcomer you want to assign the transfer to

  1. After this step, the Guest Welcomer has 10 minutes to accept the transfer

  1. When the transfer is accepted by the Guest Welcomer , you get a message that the transfer has been assigned successfully.

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