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Leaderboard - Hailing a transfer
Leaderboard - Hailing a transfer

How does the hailing of a transfer take into account the leaderboard position of a driver

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What happens when someone books a transfer with Welcome

When a new transfer request comes in, our system will generate a list of eligible drivers that can operate it based on:

  • The Vehicle Type (sedan, minivan or minibus transfer)

  • Luggage Capacity (only drivers with vehicles that can accommodate the number of luggage will be eligible)

  • Drivers' availability (drivers that are available and do not have another transfer at the same time)

  • Maximum Transfers per day (drivers who already have the maximum allowed number of transfers for the day will be omitted from the list)

  • Special requirements (like baby seats)

  • Transfer booked by a driver (he/she will take priority)

How your Leaderboard position affects the way you receive transfers

The list will be shorted according to leaderboard position, and the transfer request will be sent to the drivers one by one, until a driver accepts it. In the instance of two drivers being equally eligible to receive a transfer request, the driver that sits higher in the leaderboard rankings will receive the request first.

What about broadcasts?

When a new transfer is booked very close to the operating time it will not be hailed to eligible drivers one by one, but will instead be sent to all of them at once (it will be broadcasted).

This happens because of the proximity of the booking time to the operating time. How close a transfer needs to be to be broadcasted instead of hailed, is subject to number of factors and can differ between different cities. A good rule of thumb is that anything booked closer than 24 hours to the pickup time will most probably be broadcasted instead of hailed.

You can read more about how to tell the difference between such requests (and more types of requests) here.

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