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Leaderboard Metrics - Reliability Rate
Leaderboard Metrics - Reliability Rate

How does the Reliability Rate metric work?

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How is it calculated?

The Reliability Rate reflects a calculation of the number of transfers you operated versus the number of transfers you removed from your schedule for the last 60 transfers you accepted.

  • Maximum = 5.00. The weight in the overall score = 20%

  • Maximum Rating Metric = 20.00 (= Number of operated transfers/60 * 20% * 100)


Over the last 60 transfers I accepted, 58 of them were finally operated and I have removed 2 of them from my schedule.

The calculation of the score would be as follows:

58/60 * 20% * 100 = 19,4 out of 20

The reliability Rate metric (out of 5) would be 4,85 out of 5.


  • This metric doesn't take into account changes or cancellations made by Welcome’s Support team or by the travelers.

  • This metric doesn't take the transfers that you reassigned to another Welcome driver into account.

  • This metric doesn't take the transfers that you removed because you reached the maximum number of reassignments that day into account as long as the transfers were accepted by another driver within the correct timeframe. (see the Strict removal policy article here ).

How can you improve it?

  • You are expected to maintain a Reliability rate of more than 4.25. Avoid removing transfers at all costs, unless there is a mechanical issue or a very serious personal matter. Keep in mind that last-minute removals will lead to a Red Flag and a monetary penalty in some cases.

  • Instead of removing the transfer from your schedule, find another Welcome driver through the group and use the Remove & Suggest feature.


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