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I Want to Book a Return Transfer for my Traveler
I Want to Book a Return Transfer for my Traveler

How to book a return transfer or a new transfer for a traveler?

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A. Choose the traveler

Step 1. In the schedule tab of the Welcomer app, tap on the green button with a " + " sign

Step 2. Select the traveler for who you would like to book a return transfer by tapping the arrow next to the customer info (if you can't find the customer in the list, tap on "Book for a new customer")

Step 3. Tap on the arrow next to "Add a Transfer Booking"

B. Enter the transfer details

Step 4. Select the correct city

Step 5. Select the date & pickup time

Step 6. Insert the Origin address or hub & Destination address or hub

Step 7. Select the Number of Travellers & number of luggage they will carry

Step 8. Tap Submit Details & Confirm at the bottom

C. Payment details

Step 9. Select the Cost calculation method:

  • Taxi Metered (only for cash/POS pay to driver transfers)

  • Flat Cost (for prepaid transfers or cash/POS pay to driver transfers with a fixed price)

Step 10. Select the payment method the customer prefers

The customer has the option to:

  • Pay to driver by Cash or POS/Card

  • Pay now (using the card details he provided during his initial booking), or

  • Pay by payment link (an automated email with a payment link will be sent to the traveler)

Step 11. Select the Driver Assignment

When booking a return transfer:

  • You can assign the transfer to yourself (Assign to ME)

  • You can send the transfer for hailing so it will be assigned to another driver (Submit for automated hailing to other driver)

There is no need to put a comment asking for a transfer to be assigned to you.

ATTENTION! If you already have another Welcome transfer assigned to you for the same time as the one you book, the older transfer takes precedence.

Step 12. Tap "Submit transfer request"

D. Customer wants to pay now

In case the customer chose to pay immediately, please follow these additional steps:

Step 13. The traveler should put their signature in the requested area

Step 14. Insert the Credit Card Details of the customer (card number, expiry date, and CCV number)

Step 15. Tap Pay

E. Taxi Metered Cost and Pay to Driver

If you selected "Taxi Metered" as the cost calculation (in destinations where this is applicable), at the end of the return transfer, after you slide the "Complete Ride" slider you will be asked to input the amount the traveler paid.

Input the amount and then slide the "Payment Received" Slider to complete the ride.

You can read more on how this transfer will appear on the Accounting Section in this article.

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