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What if I can't find my driver?
What if I can't find my driver?

Cant or could not find your driver at the pickup up time? Read this article

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Airports, Ports, City Centers can be busy and crowded places, we understand that sometimes you may have trouble locating your driver or differentiating him out from the crowd. Our waiting times per location can be seen here.

Before following the steps below, double-check the time you have requested to be picked up. Sometimes travelers are at the pickup point earlier than the time they have entered while placing their reservation. To check the requested pickup time, please either login to your account here, or check an email you have received from Welcome Pickups about your booking. The requested pickup time will be right above the pickup point.

In the event that you are unable to locate you driver:

Step 1. Make sure that the mobile that you declared in your booking is turned on as your driver may be trying to reach you

Step 2. Make sure that you are connected to the local WiFi , or failing that, are connected with data to the internet in case the driver has sent you updated instructions via the Driver/Traveler chat or via WhatsApp.

Step 3. If no communication from the driver's side has been received, please send a chat message via the Driver/Traveler chat.

Alternatively, you can also call your driver via phone or send a message via WhatsApp. The phone number of the driver can be found in the driver confirmation email or through the Welcome Pickups Traveler App or by logging in to your account through a web browser.

Step 4. If the driver is not responding or picking up the phone, please take a screenshot of the messages that you have sent as well as the call logs that have a visible time stamp, finally take a picture of yourself at the designated meeting point.

Step 5. Give 10 minutes to the driver to respond to your call or messages and double-check your requested pickup time. If you don't hear back from him, as an option of last resort please take alternative transportation to your destination.

Keep in mind that in less than 0.1% of bookings a driver doesn't show up for some unexpected reason (accidents or other emergencies). Usually, it is a matter of misunderstanding about the pickup time, small driver lateness, or other miscommunication reason.

Step 6. Once you have safely arrived at your destination please provide the above screenshots with a detailed account of what happened to our Support Team via our chat bubble. To do that, click the chat bubble on the bottom right corner of this page (once in the chat bubble, click on the "I need help with a transfer" option).

Step 7. A customer care agent will review the information provided and reach out to you directly to discuss the case in detail.

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