1. For what reasons can the assigned driver reach out to the traveler?

  • In order to clarify the details of the transfer (e.g. Flight number, pickup time, pickup address)

  • In order to discuss and clarify a special request the traveler has written in the traveler note section of the booking (e.g. an extra stop request, traveling with pets, bulky luggage requests)

  • In order to help the traveler find the driver at the pickup location

2. How will I know if my assigned driver reached out to me? How can I reply?

When the driver has sent you a chat message, you will receive an email of this to the email address provided upon booking:

In order to reply, you can tap on View and reply.

If you are using the traveler app, you will also receive a notification of the chat message on your phone:

By tapping on the notification received, you will be guided to the Chatbox in the Welcome app where you can reply.

4. Can I also send a chat message myself to my assigned driver?

Yes, this is possible. Please follow the instructions in the article:

How can I reach out to my driver via the Driver/Traveler chat?

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