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How long will my driver wait for me?
How long will my driver wait for me?

What if my flight / ship is delayed? What if my flight / ship arrives early? Extra Waiting Time

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Your Welcome driver will be at the pickup location you have selected at the time you have indicated.

Complimentary waiting time

Depending on the location your driver will be picking you from, Welcome offers a complimentary waiting time, meaning that your driver will wait for you for that amount of time without any extra charges!

Our complimentary waiting times are as follows:

  • Pickup from an Airport: 60 minutes

  • Pickup from a Port, Train & Bus Station: 30 minutes

  • Pickup from any other location: 15 minutes

Your complimentary waiting time starts counting from your selected pickup time, so make sure that you have taken into account the time it will take you to reach the meeting point, especially when arriving at an airport (time needed for going through customs, collecting checked in luggage, etc.).

If you wish to edit your booking after completing it, you can read this article for a step-by-step guide on doing so.

If you have not met your driver by the end of the complimentary waiting time, we advise you to reach out directly to your driver. Please take a look at the following article on how you can reach out to your driver:

Extra Waiting Time & Charges
In cases where you are delayed or just need some extra time, your driver might be able to wait for you for longer, but please be advised that the additional waiting time will result in an additional charge based on the vehicle type that has been assigned to your transfer. These extra fees may be paid to the driver in cash.

The extra waiting time charges are as follows:

  • For a transfer with a Sedan vehicle: EUR 6.00 per 15 minutes

  • For a transfer with a Minivan vehicle: EUR 9.00 per 15 minutes

  • For a transfer with a Minibus vehicle: EUR 12.00 per 15 minutes

What if my flight / ship is delayed?
Your driver tracks any flights or ferries for delays, so if you have booked a pickup from an Airport or Port and your arriving flight/ferry is delayed, there is no need to worry! Any delay will be accommodated and your pickup time will be changed accordingly by the driver. If your arrival flight is canceled completely or you are not sure on the new
arrival time you may contact our Customer Support department in order to cancel
the ride and receive a coupon to use for your next booking or for a full refund.

What if my flight / ship arrives early?
Your Welcome Driver will be monitoring your flight / ship for delays only. In the eventuality that you flight or ferry arrive earlier than indicated by your booking, your driver will be at the pickup location at the time you have selected for your booked transfer.

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