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How can I make changes to my booked transfer?
How can I make changes to my booked transfer?

Want to change anything about your booking? Have a look at these instructions

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In this article you will find out:

Modifying your booking

Currently there are 2 ways to modify your booking with Welcome Pickups

1. Via the Web Page

2. Via the Welcome Pickups Traveler Mobile App

Option 1. Modify through Web Page

Step 1. Access your booking via this link

Step 2. Select the trip option as depicted below

Step 3. If you have multiple bookings , select the one you wish to edit

Step 4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Edit this transfer"

Step 5. After making any changes that you desire to your transfer please click on "Save Changes"

Option 2. Modify through Welcome Pickups Traveler Mobile App

Step 1. Download our application based on your phones operating system:

  • IOS (Apple Phones)

  • Android (Samsung, Sony and other popular phone brands)

Step 2. Log in using either your email or mobile phone (the one provided during booking)

Step 3. Click on the "Trip" tab at the bottom of the page

Step 4. Select the transfer that you wish to modify

Step 5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select "Edit this transfer"

Step 6. Make any desired changes

Step 7. Click "Save changes" at the bottom of the page

You have now successfully modified your booking. Welcome and your designated driver will be notified of the changes and act accordingly! You don't need to do anything else other than to look forwards to your fantastic transfer experience!

Why would I want to modify my booking?

Reason 1. Change of Plans

You may wish to modify your booking for the simple reason that your plans have changed. Perhaps instead of arriving in the afternoon you changed your flight to arrive at midnight. Perhaps due to an overbooked hotel you need to be dropped off at a different destination.

Reason 2. Wrong information input while booking

Another reason that you may need to change your booking is in case there was missing or insufficient information provided during the original booking process. In that case, we will inform you in the emails you will receive from us in a bright red box that prompts you to edit your booking. All you have to do is click on the edit button and fix the wrong information in your booking details page.

If you try to access your booking directly through the Welcome Pickups Traveler app,

you will again be able to see if there is any missing or incorrect information as shown below

If for some reason the information you are being requested to change is not wrong (i.e. a non-recognizable flight number), please contact our support team to let us know via our chat bubble. To do that, click the chat bubble on the bottom right corner of this page (once in the chat bubble, click on the "I need help with a transfer" option).

By when is a Modification to a booked transfer allowed?

Modification of your booking online is allowed up to a certain time prior to the scheduled pickup time, depending on the destination.

Canceling a booking with a refund is allowed for up until 24 hours before you scheduled pickup time. You can check out our full Terms of Use here.

When the Edit & Cancel cutoff times have been exceeded, you will no longer be able to Edit your transfer or Cancel with a refund.

In some rare cases, an exception could be made (for example if the pickup time is changed to 15 minutes later) however these are evaluated on a case by case basis and you would need to contact your assigned driver directly via the Driver/Traveler chat or via Whatsapp to check their availability.

In more severe and Urgent (last minute flight changes or large delays of over 12 hours) cases we advise you to contact our Support team .

You will need to click on the chat bubble at the bottom right and a pop up window will appear.

Afterward, you will click on the "I need help with a transfer" option in the "Are you a traveler?" section:

Editing a booked transfer with price difference

If your changes do not change the transfer price you will see the No Extra Cost note and you can complete your Editing by clicking on the Save changes button.

If your changes yield an extra charge or a refund, you will see the extra charge amount/refund amount and be prompted to Continue to the payment of the extra charges/refund in order to finalize your changes. The reasons for pricing changes will be mentioned under the price amount and include reasons such as different route, night time tariff, holiday pricing etc.


Once you save the changes a pop-up window will notify you of the refund

Asking your driver to make changes for you

Finally, if you are having trouble making these modifications yourself, you may always reach out to your assigned driver directly via the Driver/Traveler chat or via Whatsapp so the assigned driver is able to make these changes on your behalf. In any case, you will be prompted to confirm the changes once requested by the driver. In an event where a change may warrant an extra charge, you will see this information displayed in the change confirmation email as seen below:

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