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Travelers Asked for Extra Waiting Time
Travelers Asked for Extra Waiting Time

What to do if the travelers ask for extra waiting time on top of the complimentary waiting time

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In case the traveler asks for extra waiting time, we expect drivers to be able to accommodate at least one request for 15 minutes.

If you can accommodate the extra waiting time, you should inform the travelers of the cost involved. Make sure you do only by following the below charges according to the extra waiting time required and if the travellers agreed:

  1. Sedan car-type is assigned: EUR 6.00 per 15 min

  2. Minivans car-type is assigned: EUR 9.00 per 15 min

  3. Minibus car-type is assigned: EUR 12.00 per 15 min

The payment will need to be agreed between you and the travelers and be done in cash or by POS. Welcome takes no responsibility for this transaction.

The extra waiting time policy can be found here.

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