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I Want to Book a Transfer for a New Customer
I Want to Book a Transfer for a New Customer

How to book a transfer for a customer that you have not had a transfer with before.

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You can book a transfer for a new customer (someone you had not had a transfer with in the past) by selecting "Book a Transfer for a new Customer".

A. How to Book a Transfer for a new Customer

Step 1. In the Welcomer App go to the Schedule tab and select the "+" icon

Step 2. On the next screen, select "Book for a New Customer"

Step 3. Select whether it is a Transfer Booking or a Tour Booking

Step 4. On the following screen, you can add the details of the customer. Please note that the customer's name and phone number are required while the email is optional (but still recommended).

​Step 5. On the same screen, after the customer's details, you will need to fill in the booking details:

  • Date

  • Time

  • pickup location

  • dropoff location

  • passengers

  • luggage

and select "Submit Details and Confirm"

Step 6. On the following screen, you can select if the price will be the one calculated by the system or it is going to be a metered ride (for destinations where this applies)

Step 7. Next up you can select the Payment Method.

A couple of notes here:

  • The third and fourth options (Pay now/ Send Payment Link) are only available for transfer with a flat cost selected in the previous step (step 6 - Cost Calculation)

  • The fourth option is only available if we have been provided with a valid email address (step 4 - Customer's details)

Step 8. Finally, before submitting the transfer request you have the option to assign the transfer to yourself if you can operate it. Otherwise you can select for the transfer to be automatically hailed.

​ ​

Important note: if the customers want to pay the transfer to Welcome, it will be assigned to you only when they pay!

Make sure to always be aware of your schedule (i.e conflicts, etc) as the transfer can be assigned to you hours/days later.

B. After the Transfer

If you selected "Taxi Metered" as the cost calculation (in destinations where this is applicable), at the end of the transfer, after you slide the "Complete Ride" slider you will be asked to input the amount the traveler paid.

Input the amount and then slide the "Payment Received" Slider to complete the ride.

You can read more on how this transfer will appear on the Accounting Section in this article.

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