Driver No-Show (DNS) is defined as a Driver not being at the pickup location by the scheduled Pickup time.

As per Welcome’s policies, a Driver No-Show occurs in the following instances:

  • When a Driver is not at the pickup location at the scheduled pickup time as evidenced by the geolocation and the pressing of the “I am at the pickup location” Drivers’ App button, and the transfer results in a cancellation.

  • When a Driver removes a transfer in their schedule 3 hours or less from the scheduled pickup time while not being compliant with the Driver Transfer-Removal Policy, and the transfer results in a cancellation.

In the occasion of a Driver No-Show, the Driver is not compensated for the transfer.

If the Driver is late for the pickup, they need to contact and notify the Traveler (via call and text/Whatsapp) as much in advance as possible, and the latest by the pickup time in order to make sure that the customer is aware of the delay. In any occasion where the Driver is late and the Traveler selects to leave and not wait, the Transfer is cancelled, and the Transfer fee is refunded in its entirety to the Traveler, and the Transfer is marked as a Driver No-Show.

In the occasion that the Driver is to be late due to a last minute transfer assignment by the Driver Operations team in the effort to ensure the operation of the transfer, there will be no penalisation towards the Driver. The Driver will still need to inform the Traveler of the delay.

If the Driver is not at the pickup location at the scheduled pickup time, and their delay is due to a force majeure incident (i.e. strike, demonstration, natural disaster, accident, etc.), the Driver is not penalised for a Driver No-Show.

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