Extra Waiting Time Policy

Definition and Applicable fees

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Extra waiting time is defined as an amount of time the Traveler asks their Driver to wait for them, in addition to the complementary waiting time offered by Welcome.

The Traveler can ask for their Driver to wait for them longer than Welcome’s complementary waiting time either in advance (before their transfer is operated) or the latest by the end of their complementary waiting time. For Welcome to guarantee that the extra waiting time can be accomodated, it needs to have been asked for at least 12 hours before pickup time. In all other cases Welcome can guarantee only the complimentary waiting time as additional waiting time for the traveller.

If the Traveler requests extra waiting time and the assigned Driver can accommodate this, an extra fee will be charged to the Traveller for every 15 minutes of extra waiting time. The applicable fees are as follows:

  • For a Pickup where a Sedan car-type is assigned: EUR 6.00 / 15 min

  • For a Pickup where a Minivans car-type is assigned: EUR 9.00 / 15 min 

  • For a Pickup where a Minibus car-type is assigned: EUR 12.00 / 15 min 

These fees are net prices for the Drivers. Welcome does not charge any additional commission to these fees.

If the extra waiting time request can be accommodated by the Driver, the Traveler must consent to pay the additional applicable fees by the end of their complementary waiting time. Payment of the fee can be made in cash directly to the Driver before the start of the ride.

Every Welcome Driver is expected to accommodate all extra waiting time requests for up to 15 minutes. If the Driver cannot accommodate an extra waiting time request in total due to an upcoming Welcome transfer, Welcome will exume reasonable effort to find another Driver to operate that upcoming transfer. If that is not possible or the assigned Driver has another reason for not being able to wait for more than 15 minutes of extra time, the Driver can follow the Traveler No Show process and terminate the ride. The transfer will be flagged as a “Traveler No-Show”.

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