WhatsApp Group Guidelines

Guidelines to follow to ensure a smooth cooperation between Welcome and its Welcomers

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The Whatsapp Group was created so that Welcome’s team can communicate to all Drivers and facilitate last-minute assignment of transfers. The group can also be used to share information that potentially may disturb the smooth operation of transfers eg. strikes, blocked roads, etc.


  • Do not delete any messages from the group.

  • Posts that create a toxic environment and lack of professionalism are not accepted. Personalized, sarcastic, ironic, and disrespectful comments towards Welcome employees and/or between drivers will be assessed by the Welcome Operations team. Penalization will be evaluated with the potential of Driver removal both from the group & Welcome Pickups if and when necessary.

  • Speak and write only in English, as this is the official company language and the only way that Welcome can monitor and if necessary respond to any possible queries or address any issues

  • The exchange of transfers through non-official channels that are not managed directly by Welcome Pickups employees is prohibited

  • Do not use the group for sharing information, articles or videos that are not linked to emergency Welcome transfers

  • Do not comment on a person’s nationality, race, sex, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political views, appearance whether that person is a Welcome Driver, a Welcome Traveler or a Welcome employee or affiliate

Official channels

For any feedback, concern, complaint, etc that is not directly linked to direct execution of transfers (see "Group Purpose" ) you should directly contact the Drivers Support Team using the chat in the Drivers App.

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