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How Does the Driver Leaderboard Work?
How Does the Driver Leaderboard Work?

Description of the leaderboard metrics, how to improve them and what to do in case the metrics decrease

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In every city we operate, we have installed a leaderboard that is ranking all the drivers based on their performance.

The personal transfer requests are sent to each individual driver one by one based (among other factors) on their position in the leaderboard until one of the drivers accepts it. You can read more about how we send these requests here.

For this reason, it is important for every driver to have the highest possible score on the leaderboard in order to have the highest possible position and increase the number of transfer requests the driver will receive.

In the Account tab of the Welcomer app, you will see your overall score, your position in the leaderboard, and the different metric scores that are taken into account:

How are the different metrics calculated?

Please take some time to read the following articles and familiarize yourself with the way these metrics are calculated:

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