Properly set up your availability

It is very important that the availability you set up in the driver app reflects your real working schedule.

It means that the requests received are the ones that you can actually operate, meaning that you will keep your Acceptance Rate high and will potentially avoid any Removals.

Check how to set up your availability and weekly schedule here, and how to add days off here.

Snooze your notifications

You will continue receiving new personal requests during the snoozed period, however:

  • The personal requests will not automatically expire during your snoozed period so your Acceptance Rate will not decrease

  • At the end of the Snoozed period, you will be able to accept the personal requests received that are to be operated in the following days. This means more potential transfers and a higher Acceptance Rate

Take a look at how to snooze your notifications here.

Note: Not accepting the personal requests available at the end of the Snooze period will decrease your Acceptance Rate!

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