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Amenities, USB charger, Wi-Fi, Baby seats

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Your vehicle should always be clean both on the inside and on the outside! Also, the trunk should be empty so that there is enough space for the Travelers’ luggage.

Furthermore, the vehicle should be in excellent technical condition and should not have any damage to the interior and exterior.

Smoking of course is strictly prohibited while operating a Welcome ride. If you are a smoker, please make sure that your vehicle is devoid of any cigarette odor before picking up the customer.

Do have a USB phone charger in your vehicle. Most Travelers carry a smartphone or a tablet with them, and it is really convenient for them to charge these while on their ride. Also, try to have a WiFi hotspot available in the vehicle (you can use your phone for this). Travelers love this service, which triggers positive Driver reviews and extra tips!

If the Traveller has ordered a baby or booster seat, make sure that it is the correct type and that it is installed before you meet with them at the designated pickup point..

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