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S-Rides & Transfers Combination
S-Rides & Transfers Combination
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There are cases when a customer books a transfer and an S-Ride that need to be operated and combined either before or after the S-Ride. In order for the S-Ride and transfer combination to be accommodated correctly, we need to assign the same driver to the transfer and S-Ride. The assigned driver must be eligible for S-Rides.

All S-Rides need to have the city center as the pickup / dropoff point. S-Rides cannot start nor end in any hub (Airport, Port, Train Station).

In the screenshots below, there is an example of such a combination.

Both the transfer and the S-Ride shown in the screenshots, are correctly booked for the same customer, for the same destination, with the same pickup time and this is something we must always check and confirm.

Since those two services are to be operated one after the other, it is important for the customer to have a seamless experience and not have the driver and car change in between the services. It is crucial that the same S-Ride eligible driver needs to be assigned to both services.

In case a driver comes across such a combination, they need to contact Support.

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