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Driver Incentives Program: Quests
Driver Incentives Program: Quests
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What are driver quests?

Driver Quests is a Driver Incentives Program that gives the opportunity to all enrolled drivers to claim high value transfers as rewards for completing a predefined set of objectives.

How to join a quest?

  1. Check “Requests” tab in the driver app to see all the active quests available for you

  2. Press “View more and Join” to read quest details

  3. Select “Join Quest” to get enrolled into the program

You can also select “See how it works” on the top right of the screen to get a detailed view of the quest along with instructions on how quests work.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once a driver completes a quest and wants to rejoin it, they do not need to take any actions as they are automatically enrolled again in the quest, as long as the quest is active.

How drivers can participate (how to accept requests and view progress)

The “Requests” tab now has two views:

  • In the “Requests for You” view, the driver will be able to see all the requests that have been sent personally

  • In the “Requests for All Drivers”, the driver will be able to see the requests that are visible to all drivers, such as broadcast and public requests.

Once a driver joins a quest they will be able to see all the quest related requests in the “Requests” tab in the application.

  1. Open the “Requests” tab in the Welcomer application

  2. Quest related transfers will be shown in the “Requests” tab and will have a different layout to differentiate themselves from non quest related requests.

  3. Accept the request normally as in non-quest related transfers.

  4. Press the “View Progress” button on the enrolled quest to view and track the progress of the quest.

Below, you will find a screenshot of how a quest related request looks like.

While viewing their progress on a quest, the drivers will be able to see the operated transfers related to the quest, along with all scheduled upcoming transfers related to the quest. A canceled or removed transfer related to the quest, will also appear in that section, as shown in the following screenshot.

How and when can the drivers claim their quest rewards

Once a driver completes the objectives of the quest they have joined, they will be able to claim their quest rewards.

  1. In order to claim a reward, all quest objectives must have been completed

  2. Press “View Progress” to access the quest details of the Quest

  3. Scroll down to the “Rewards” section. The pending rewards for the quest will be available there.

  4. By pressing the button to select their reward, the drivers will be presented with a list of transfers that can be claimed from the driver as a reward.

  5. Once the reward transfer is claimed, it will be automatically added to the driver’s schedule. .

  6. The rewards do not expire and can be claimed at any time

IMPORTANT NOTE: A quest win might not be immediately visible in the app. Sometimes, it might take a few minutes before a reward can be claimed. Another important thing to note is that the drivers can claim more than one reward for the same quest, if they complete the quest objectives multiple times while the quest is active


Q: I have accepted a transfer meeting a quest’s specifications before the quest was live. Will it count as part of the quest?

A: No, the transfers that were accepted before the activation of the Program will not count as eligible

Q: There is a transfer in the rewards list that I cannot operate due to area restrictions. Why did I receive that request?

A: The drivers are responsible for checking whether they are able to operate a transfer before accepting it.

Q: What happens if a Reward Transfer is being canceled?

A: When a claimed reward transfer is canceled by the traveler or removed from the schedule/reassigned by the system automatically and the transfer is not operated yet, the reward transfers of the program will be unlocked again so that the driver is able to select a new one.

Q: If a driver re-assigns a quest transfer, do we inform the new driver to join the quest? If he has already joined, does this count as an eligible ride for the quest?

A: The drivers that have not joined a Quest and are trying to accept a transfer that belongs to an active Quest, will be prompted to accept the transfer and join the Quest at the same time. This will happen in the reassignment case as well. If the driver has already joined the Quest, this will count normally as an eligible ride.

Q: What happens in case of a TNS? Does it count as a completed ride?

A: Yes, it will count as a completed ride.

Q: If a driver is available both for sedans and minivans joins the quest, will he be able to receive minivan transfers as rewards too?

A: Yes

Q: Is there a timeline during which I need to claim a reward?

A: The rewards do not expire and can be claimed at any time

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