How is it calculated?

  • We measure the number the sightseeing Rides booked out of a maximum of 60 transfers operated the last 60 days.

  • Maximum = 5.00. The weight in the overall score = 15%.

The maximum score is reached if you book a Welcome Sightseeing Ride for at least 1 out of 30 eligible transfers.


Let's say you managed to book 4 Sightseeing rides during the last 60 days, thus maxing out the metric. In this case you would receive a score of 5 and :

Experiences metric = 5 * 15% * 20 = 15

How can you improve it?

  • Similar to the Return Rides, if the Travelers haven’t booked a Welcome Experience, you can also suggest one that they might enjoy!

  • During the initial transfer and through the conversation, try to understand what type of Welcome Experience would best fit the traveler's profile. You can add the Experience yourself via the "Add extras" feature

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