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Leaderboard Metrics - Return Rides
Leaderboard Metrics - Return Rides

How does the Return Rides metric work?

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How is it calculated?

  • This metric measures the number of return transfers that you booked out of a maximum of 60 eligible transfers that you operated.
    If the traveler has independently booked an extra transfer before their ride with you, we don't count it against your score.

  • Maximum = 5.00. The weight in the overall score = 20%.

  • Maximum Rating Metric = 20.00 (= Number of return transfers booked/60 * 20% * 100)

What is an eligible transfer?

An eligible transfer is a transfer you operated for which the system recognizes that it is possible to book a return transfer.

In our system, only pickups from a hub (airport, train station, port) where the customer hasn't booked a return transfer yet are considered eligible.


Over the last 60 eligible transfers you operated, you managed to book a return transfer for 37 of them.

The calculation of your score would be as follows:

37/60*20%*100 = 12,4 out of 20

The Return Rides metric (out of 5) would be 3,1 out of 5

How can you improve it?

  • Remember to ask the Travelers about their return transfer. If they haven’t booked one, offer to book one for them via the Welcomer App

  • Engage in easy-going conversation during the ride so the customer feels at ease when you slide in the question about their need for a return transfer.

  • Ask them if they have any plans for the rest of their trip and exchange contact details with them so they can reach you if they are in need of extra transport.

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