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Leaderboard Metrics - Rating
Leaderboard Metrics - Rating

How does the Rating metric work?

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How is it calculated?

  • The Rating is the average of the last 60 reviews you have received for the transfers you operated.

  • Maximum Average Review Score (of the last 60 reviews) = 5.00

  • Rating Weight in Leaderboard Score = 30%

  • Maximum Rating Metric = 30.00 (= Average Rating/5 * 30% * 100)


If the review scores of your last 60 transfers are:

58 * 5 star review = 290

+2 * 4 star review = 8

Average review score = (290+8)/60 = 298/60 = 4.97

Then your Rating Metric will be:

Rating = 4.97/5 * 30% * 100 = 29.82

How can you improve it?

  • Engage in polite and friendly conversation with your Travelers by talking to them about your city, landmarks they can visit, or interesting events they can attend while in town.

  • Based on their trip profile, you can even personalize this conversation further; for example, if they are traveling with kids you could suggest kid-friendly venues or activities, if it’s a romantic getaway you could give them hints on particular restaurants or a part of the town it would be nice for them to take a stroll in, and so on.

  • If your Travelers are leaving your city, you can ask them how their stay was, if they enjoyed their trip and if they did something special while visiting.

  • It is always important to read the nonverbal clues from your Travelers, so if they are very tired or don’t want to engage in conversation, give them their space to relax and enjoy their ride.


What do I do in case my rating drops drastically?

Take a look at the weekly email you receive (every Monday) with the reviews of the previous week's transfers. Make sure to read the feedback the customer gave you in order to improve your service level and have more happy customers in the future.

I received a bad review (1 star) without any comments or category explaining the reason for dissatisfaction. What can I do?

If there were no major issues with the operation of the transfer and you think this review is not valid, please contact the Support team via the app (Take a look here at how you can do this).

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