Your security and safety are of utmost importance for us here at Welcome.

For this reason we give you the option to delete your stored GDPR data directly and at your own discretion.

How to delete your GDPR data:

Step 1. Initially you will need to access your booking

Step 2. Then you will need to access the Profile tab:

Step 3. Once you have accessed this tab please click "Account and data"

Step 4. Finally please select the option to Delete your account:

Step 5. You are now done, all your GDPR sensitive information is either deleted or will be deleted 50 days from the end of your transfer

For legitimate business interest, we have the right to retain full personal information or part of it when a traveler had a past transfer or any other welcome service within the last 50 days and from the moment the transfer service is operated or welcome service/product is provided.

We hope that you enjoyed/will enjoy your transfer with us!

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