Do you transfer pets?

Curious about our furry friends? Read on!

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As a general rule Welcome Pickups does NOT transfer any sort of pets.

In some rare cases and in a few select destinations we will be able to offer a transfer to you and your pet (This exception only applies to domestic animals like Cats, Dogs, Chickens etc.). You will need to contact us at least 4 days before your transfer so that we may contact our drivers and inform you whether a pet transfer will be possible.

How do I request a transfer with an animal in it?

Step 1. During your booking please select "Add notes for the driver"

Step 2. Once an additional box appears, please check the bulky luggage box and in much detail as possible describe to us what animal you will be transferring

We will also need to know the following information:

  • What is the type of animal you are transferring (Dog, Cat, Chicken)

  • What is the size of the animal you are transferring (Small Chihuahua , 3Kg)

Step 3. If we are able to locate a driver who can accept the ride, keep in mind that there will be specific restrictions to follow:

Restriction 1: All pets need to be transferred in a Kennel
Restriction 2. In case your pet is very small (under 5kg) it may be transferred in a specialized waterproof pet carrier bag and is allowed in the backseats of the vehicle

Restriction 3: Large animals need to be transferred in a Kennel that may only fit in the trunk of a Minivan. (Which means you will need to book/upgrade a Minivan)

Step 4. Your booking will be confirmed and we will safely transport you and your pet to your desired destination

Depending on the size of your pet and their transportation method as well as the vehicle type booked, you may be requested to upgrade your vehicle with an extra fee. Our Customer Support team will reach out to you to inform you about the cost of the upgrade and to confirm the type of vehicle that will be assigned to your transfer.

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