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Information about the Welcome Invoices you receive and how to access them.
Information about the Welcome Invoices you receive and how to access them.

When do you receive the monthly invoice and what does it contain?

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1. What does the invoice contain?

The monthly invoice contains the commission of Welcome Pickups + VAT amount (where applicable) and Transaction Fees (where applicable), taking into account all transfers operated by a driver/driver company within the invoicing month.

Example: If you (driver/driver company) have operated 4 transfers in December 2023 for which the Welcome Pickups commission was €70 in total, then the invoice will include these 4 transfers for December 2023 regardless if they have been paid to you yet or not.

2. When do you receive the monthly invoice?

You receive this every month before the 10th for the previous month (for example, before the 10th of February, you will receive the invoice for January).

3. Do I have to pay this invoice to Welcome Pickups?

No, this invoice does NOT need to be paid to Welcome Pickups. You can include this invoice in your tax declaration depending on the local regulations in your country.

4. How to access and download my invoices?

You are able to access your invoices either via the email you have received or via the Welcomer Application ( Drivers App ) below you will be provided with a quick guide on both options.

Option 1: Access invoice via the Invoice email

Each month you will receive an automated message to the email you have registered with us, you are provided with two options, either to download the latest monthly invoice (“here” link) or access to all invoices (“this page” link) via the members page, below is a preview of the email with both options:

Option 2: Access invoice using the Welcomer Application (Driver App)

You may also access your invoices by logging into the driver app and following the below instructions and steps.

  1. First click on the bottom right “Account” icon:

2. Then click on the “Payments” option:

3. Then select “Invoices” in order to retrieve them:

4. Click on “Download Invoice” for required month.

5. After clicking on “Download Invoice” you will be able to locate the downloaded invoice in your device, the location of the saved file is determined by the download folder settings on your device.

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