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Information about the Welcome Invoices you Receive
Information about the Welcome Invoices you Receive

When do you receive the monthly invoice and what does it contain?

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1. What does the invoice contain?

The invoice contains the commission of Welcome Pickups + VAT amount (where applicable) and Transaction Fees (where applicable) on the transfers you have been paid for in that month.

IMPORTANT: The invoice contains only the transfers that you have been paid out for in that month, not the transfers that have been operated in that month (for example, if a transfer was operated on the 31st of January but paid out in February, it will be added to the invoice of February).

2. When do you receive the monthly invoice?

You receive this every month before the 15th for the previous month (for example, before the 15th of February, you will receive the invoice for January).

3. Do I have to pay this invoice to Welcome Pickups?

No, this invoice does NOT need to be paid to Welcome Pickups. You can include this invoice in your tax declaration depending on the local regulations in your country.

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