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How to contact Welcome Pickups support via the phone
How to contact Welcome Pickups support via the phone

A list of our direct phone lines for extreme or urgent cases

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Before contacting our Support Team please make sure that you have searched for an answer in our Help Center. We have outlined almost all potential issues that can happen to a traveler and we keep on updating the list with new articles when new types of cases arise.

If your booking is in the next days and a driver has been assigned to you, you can also reach out to him to get a direct response via the Driver/Traveler chat.

In case of an emergency or if you cannot find any answer in our help center, you may contact Welcome Pickups via the below phone lines:

For driver issues, we consider only transfers that are to be operated in the next 12 hours as urgent. Kindly note that misuse of this rule will result in a yellow flag.

Worldwide (Toll Free)

+1 877-255-8178

US/Latin America & Caribbean

+1 877-255-8178 (Toll Free)


+44 20 3318 9077


+357 23 030029


+33 9 75 18 63 35


+30 21 1176 8284


+39 02 9475 0101


+34 932 20 02 39


+351 21 020 3078

Please keep in mind that our support team can be reached 24/7.

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