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Do you provide baby booster seats?
Do you provide baby booster seats?

Are you travelling with your precious little one? We offer baby seats for their safety!

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We wish to make your transfer as comfortable and safe as possible for your little one. For this reason we give you the option to request child seats for your transfer (If you are travelling with a baby or a child they should be included in the total number of travelers).

While completing your booking, you can request a child seat in the specified section, where we also ask that you specify the type of child seat that you need.

Kindly note that each child seat will have an additional charge of 5 Euros added to your transfer price

If you are having trouble adding baby seats yourself, you may always reach out directly to your driver (See here how you can reach out to your driver) and ask him to add a baby seat for you. Once he does you will receive an automatic email asking for your confirmation as seen below:

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