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What happens if my connecting flight is delayed?
What happens if my connecting flight is delayed?

What happens if you first leg of a flight causes you to miss you pick-up time?

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At Welcome Pickups we understand the chaotic nature of Airlines and flight delays.

Sometimes, your flight may have a connection and due the the first leg of the flight being delayed, the actual flight that you have declared may be missed entirely.

If you believe this is the case with your transfer, we urge you to reach out to our Support Team via our chat bubble. To do that, click the chat bubble on the bottom right corner of this page (once in the chat bubble, click on the "I need help with a transfer" option).

In the eventuality that the first leg of the voyage causes you to miss your flight, we will require some form of evidence, such as an email directly from the airline, or a screenshot of the departures board of the airport. We will then proceed to rebook your transfer for your new arrival time without any further charges (do note though that will require your new flight number in order to do that).

Alternatively if you wish to cancel the entire ordeal we will be able to provide you with a flex coupon up to 100% of the value that you paid for the original booking.

Finally, if the delay is announced more than 12 hours before the operation of the transfer, please reach out directly to your driver (via the Driver/Traveler chat) in order to inform the driver of what happened and they will be able to make modifications to your booking on your behalf.

Tip: You may have a look at how to book using a flex coupon in the article here

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