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I would like to book a transfer
How can I book a transfer with Welcome?
How can I book a transfer with Welcome?

A quick and easy guide on how to book a transfer with Welcome

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Currently there are 2 ways to book your transfer with Welcome Pickups

1. Via the Web Page

2. Via the Welcome Pickups Traveler Mobile App

Booking through Web Page

Step 1. Go to and click Transfers, you will be prompted to select your destination

Step 2. Fill out the pickup (from) and drop-off (to) location fields, as well as the pickup time and number of passengers and pieces of luggage you will be carrying.

Useful tips
Make sure to count both checked in and carry on luggage types.

Upon choosing your pickup time, do consider the time it might take you to reach the meeting point (especially if you're flying in and might be going through Customs and collect checked-in luggage), and select an appropriate time for our driver to meet you.

Step 3. Click on Continue, and you will receive your quote in the following form, you will also need to fill out your name ,phone number, email and if you have a pickup from an airport: the flight number

Step 4. To complete your booking, proceed with the payment, and a Welcome driver will be picking you up at your requested place, time and date!

Booking through Welcome Pickups Traveler Mobile App

Step 1. Download our application based on your phone's operating system:

  • IOS (Apple Phones)

  • Android (Samsung, Sony and other popular phone brands)

Step 2. Log in using either your email or mobile phone (this step is optional but it will save you time from writing your name, email and phone number along the process)

Step 3. Go on the "Book" Tab

Step 4. Fill out the details and click continue

Step 5. If you had not logged in previously you will need to fill out your name ,phone number and email

Step 6. You will now be taken to the payment screen where you are asked to choose your preferred method

Step 7. Once payment is complete you will receive a transfer confirmation at the declared email. Thank you for booking with Welcome Pickups!

We have also prepared a video for you that shows how the entire process looks!

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