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Will I know my driver's details before my pickup?
Will I know my driver's details before my pickup?

We do our best to ensure you arrive at your pickup location fully knowing where and who your driver is!

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Before every pickup we take great care to ensure you're aware of your ride's details, including who is the driver assigned to operate your transfer. Upon receiving your booking, we'll send you a confirmation email and once a driver is assigned to your transfer we send another email with your driver's details!


Just before your pickup, once your driver is at the pickup location you will also receive a text message notifying you that your driver is waiting for you.

Checking your drivers details through the App

If you would like to pro-actively check if a drivers has been assigned to your transfer you will need to log into your booking.

Right under the booking you will see the driver that has been assigned to your transfer

If a driver has not been assigned to your transfer yet, we will have the following message:

Please note that it is possible that you designated driver may change based on the companies scheduling needs, in which case a new driver confirmation email will be sent and the application(as shown above) will be updated accordingly

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