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How will I get a receipt for my payment?
How will I get a receipt for my payment?
Payment Confirmation, Receipts and Invoices. Read here how to get them
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Getting a transaction confirmation

Upon completing your Welcome booking, you will receive a booking confirmation email with your trip's details. Attached to that email you will find a PDF file confirming your payment transaction. You also have an option to download it from that same confirmation by clicking this icon:

Our transaction confirmation will have the following format:

Getting a receipt

At the end of your Welcome ride, your driver will issue a receipt with your total payment amount for the transfer service provided. In case he does not proactively hand it over to you, please don't hesitate to request it at the end of the ride as it is mandated by law.

If you reach back to the driver in a later date to get the receipt, it will be hard for him to locate it. If you need the receipt for VAT or other reasons, please don't forget to ask for it at the end of the ride.

Getting an invoice

Please be advised that as we are merely the facilitator and not the operator of the service, as such we can not issue an invoice. Your driver however is able to issue invoices without any issues provided that he has all the necessary information. Please have your invoicing data with you and your driver will either issue the invoice at the end of your ride, or issue it at a later date and mail or email it to you. In order to issue an invoice we will need the following information:

Full name of Representative (John Stark)
Company title (Welcome Technologies Ltd.)
Job description (Technology Company)
VAT # (EU826010755)
Legal Address of Company (Greece, Athens, Marousi 177 23)
Email (

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