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I haven't received a booking confirmation email; What should I do?
I haven't received a booking confirmation email; What should I do?

No booking confirmation? No problem. Check some common reasons in this article on why you may not have received it

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Shortly after you have completed your booking, you should receive an e-mail confirmation with your trip details and more. If you have not received this email in your inbox, please check your spam and junk folders. The email should have the following form

If after checking your spam & junk folders and you still cannot find your booking confirmation email, please try visiting this link

You will be asked to log in with the email that you provided during your booking, once you complete this step you will be able to see all the bookings that exist under that specific email/phone number

Step 1. Click Sign in

Step 2. Select if you would like to login via Phone number or email

Step 3. We will send you a security code to make sure that its you

Step 4. Once you have logged in you will see the booking in question

Note: If the email that you provided is not able to receive our confirmation emails we will also send you an SMS to the number that was provided in the booking with a link to your transfer

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