When making your booking, it is very important that you accurately account for all the pieces of luggage that you will be carrying with you, as based on this information we will assign a driver with the appropriate vehicle capacity in order to safely operate your transfer.

Checked and Hand luggage

We ask that you account for both "checked" and "hand" (carry-on) types of luggage, as both types take up space, and we need to assign a vehicle type that will safely and comfortably everything that you and your party will be carrying.

You can define the split between Checked and Hand luggage after your booking is complete by Editing your booking.

In the example below, each of the pieces of luggage would count for 1 piece of luggage, so if you were travelling with 1 carry on and 1 checked piece you would need to book a transfer for 2 pieces of luggage

Bulky luggage, bikes, strollers, instruments, etc.

If you will be carrying a piece of luggage that is larger than average or other bulky items such as baby strollers, bicycles, music instruments, foldable wheelchairs, etc. you should let us know! To do that, add 1 piece of Checked luggage for each of your bulky items, and then click on the Add notes for the driver check box and describe each one of them

Depending on the size of your bulky luggage and the vehicle type booked, you may be requested to upgrade your vehicle with an extra fee. Our Customer Support team will reach out to you to inform you about the cost of the upgrade and to confirm the type of vehicle that will be assigned to your transfer.

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