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I lost an item in your vehicle. What should I do? (Lost and Found)
I lost an item in your vehicle. What should I do? (Lost and Found)

Did you forget something in the car? No problem, we will help get it back to you!

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If you believe that you may have lost an item in your Welcome driver's car, please contact your driver immediately to inform him about this and he will do his best to return it to you. Alternatively you may also reach out via our chat.

You will need to click on the chat bubble at the bottom right and a pop up window will appear:

Afterward, you will click on the "I need help with a transfer" option in the "Are you a traveler?" section:

When contacting us please include the following information:

-Date the item was lost

-Detailed description of the lost item

Upon receiving the lost item report, our Support team will make every effort to locate the item, and will notify you accordingly in regards to the next steps of the process.

If the lost item has been successfully located, you will need to provide an address to which you wish the found item to be shipped. Shipping expenses are covered by the customer.

Each found item will be disposed of after a certain amount of time, if it has not been claimed by the owner:

"Perishables" such as food and drinks (including liquor) will be disposed within the same day they are found

"Non Valuable" Items such as clothing, shoes, umbrellas, etc will be disposed after 3 months

"Valuable" items such as jewellery, money, Debit / Credit cards, electronic devices, eyewear, bags, etc. will be disposed after 6 months

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